Wendy Williams Slams Megyn Kelly - Thinks Her Blackface Apology Was Not Sincere!

Wendy Williams Slams Megyn Kelly - Thinks Her Blackface Apology Was Not Sincere!
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Megyn Kelly got in trouble after her insensitive comments on blackface being Okay as long as it’s for a Halloween costume. While she’s already apologized, it looks like Wendy Williams is not buying it!

The talk show host accused the Today host of being insincere in her apology.

Wendy is certain the only reason why Megyn apologized was to avoid even more backlash.

Has Kelly really not realized the wrong of her ways?

Williams argued that ‘This is such a basic thing for such an educated woman to know. She was lying, number one. And number two, she had a whole bunch of black people in the audience saying.’

Al Sharpton stated that the scandal was a ‘teaching moment for the entertainment industry,’ and Wendy added that ‘It’s just shocking when it comes from such an educated woman with such a prime spot.’

Despite the fact that Megyn Kelly is indeed a very educated woman, this is not the first time she is in hot water over a racist comment.

When she was at Fox News back in 2013, she responded to a story about a black Santa by stating that she knew for a fact ‘Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that.’

Now, Megyn said during a panel of just white people discussing blackface that: ‘But what is racist? Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.’

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  • Glory Mosby
    Glory Mosby Oct 24, 2018 8:56 PM PDT

    Megyn Kelly has shown who she really is on numerous occasions Why would anyone really be shocked by this recent display of continued ignorance?!!

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