Wendy Williams Slams 'Dumb' 50 Cent For Pranking Ja Rule - ‘I’m Disgusted’

Wendy Williams Slams 'Dumb' 50 Cent For Pranking Ja Rule - ‘I’m Disgusted’
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It is well known that 50 Cent and Ja Rule feuded in the past but the fact that now, decades later, they’re still at it seems to have rubbed Wendy Williams the wrong way! The talk show addressed the two rappers’ beef being reignited by 50’s prank on Ja Rule.

He apparently bought hundreds of front row tickets to his enemy’s concert so that he’d look at empty seats when performing.

‘50 Cent is still fighting with Ja Rule. Ja Rule was Murda inc and 50 Cent was a nobody … Then 50 Cent went on to be the richer rapper. It is like messed up on one hand. On the other, two weeks ago, 50 claimed he bought out two hundred front row seats to a Ja Rule concert… so the show would look empty,’ Wendy said on her show.

The woman went on to say that ‘This is what you call having too much money and being dumb at the same time.’

At some point, Ja Rule called his nemesis Cynthia, and as a result, he blocked Ja Rule on social media.

Williams explained that to take revenge, Ja Rule posted a pic with 50 seemingly having a great time with Donald Trump in the past.

Since then, the post was deleted.

In the caption, Ja Rule reportedly wrote: ‘This will be my last post about @50cent and I wanna be serious for second. This man and I went back and forth like school kids yesterday… But not once did I see 50 use his platform of twenty million followers for ANYTHING uplifting I am sure he didn’t vote did not encourage anyone to vote only Tom f***ing foolery tearing down other people of color always talking s**t with yo stink breath a** EVERYONE is tired of you… Let’s STOP supporting people who don’t support their own [explicit].’

Williams argued that both rappers are ‘too big for this. I am disgusted because I feel as if I was there during their births and the kids are grown enough to see the antics… How do you even explain to your kids, the bitch-a**-ness of it all.’

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