Wendy Williams Slams Denise Richards For Seeking ‘Attention’ On The RHOBH Season 12 Premiere

Wendy Williams Slams Denise Richards For Seeking ‘Attention’ On The RHOBH Season 12 Premiere
Credit: Source: newsweek.com

Following the really explosive premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 12, Wendy Williams slammed Denise Richards, accusing her of ‘wanting attention.’ Furthermore, the talk show host also theorized that she ‘will be back!’

What she was talking about were the scenes showing Denise avoiding the cameras following the news that she and co-star Brandi Glanville had an affair.

As you may know, the rumors that the two ladies were involved romantically for months, have been going around for quite some time before the new season even premiered.

That being said, while Denise has been vehemently denying them, Brandi has been suggesting that it’s all true!

As for her decision to storm off and even threaten she would leave the show for good when the news exploded, Wendy is not buying it.

‘Denise, first of all you’re not going anywhere. Denise threatened to quit the show. I do not think she will quit, I think she will be back. She just wants attention, You have my attention, but not in the way that I believe you,’ Wendy said on her ‘at home’ version of her talk show.

It was confirmed at the end of the premiere episode that back in December, after the supposed affair was exposed, Denise stopped filming with the rest of the cast.

About the alleged relationship between Denise and Brandi, Wendy said that: ‘I’m gonna tell you this and this is just me talking to you all — I can believe it. Look, Saint Denise, we call you Saint Denise only because you really cleaned up your act… and you look terrific still. Here is one thing we won’t forget, where you started. She got started with Charlie Sheen. You know, if you get started with him, there is nothing innocent about that. She knows all of the tricks, up and down and all night long, with everybody and everything with a pulse.’


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