Wendy Williams Slams 'Cold-Hearted' Angelina Jolie For Seeking Sole Custody Of Her And Brad Pitt's Kids!

Wendy Williams Slams 'Cold-Hearted' Angelina Jolie For Seeking Sole Custody Of Her And Brad Pitt's Kids!
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As you may know, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody trial is right around the corner, and it seems like the woman will stop at nothing to get sole custody! That being said, Wendy Williams made it very clear that she’s on Brad’s side!

The talk show host slammed Angie for being ‘cold-hearted!’

Reportedly, Brad wishes that they could have 50/50 joint custody of their six kids, but we’ll see what happens next month, on December 4!

Williams said on her show today that trying to keep the young ones all for herself is ‘a big move. … Angelina is playing a very dangerous game. You can be a humanitarian all you want around the world, when it really comes down to how your heart really feels, you’ve really got a cold heart for those six kids.’

‘You don’t want them to see their father? You want full custody? I don’t even know if she’s datable after that,’ she joked.

Furthermore, Wendy doesn’t think Angelina can find any reason why Brad should not be allowed to see their children.

‘She hasn’t been able to say anything about him.’

Not to mention that the kids are ‘old enough to be able to weigh in on who they want to stay with and how they want to live their life.’

From Wendy’s point of view, Pitt is ‘coming out smelling like a rose in this situation.’

Ever since Angelina filed for divorce back in 2016, the two have been at war, unable to reach a common ground, especially when it comes to the kids’ custody.

Now that the trial has been set for December 4, hopefully, things will finally fall into place, and the legal decision will be the best possible for the kids.


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  • Rob
    Rob Nov 10, 2018 6:40 PM PST

    She hasn't been "datable" for awhile!

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