Wendy Williams Sheds Tears Of Joy While Recalling Her Lavish Outing With Blac Chyna And Her Son!

Wendy Williams Sheds Tears Of Joy While Recalling Her Lavish Outing With Blac Chyna And Her Son!
Credit: Source: starmagazine.com

It sounds like Wendy Williams had such an amazing night out with Blac Chyna that she could cry! Well, she actually did! During her latest talk show episode, the host broke down in tears while telling her audience all about their lavish night out.

One thing in particular that made her emotional was that her son, Kevin Jr. also joined the two ladies for dinner that evening.

It definitely seems like Wendy and Chyna are becoming really good friends.

After the latter’s appearance on Wendy’s show, the two bonded during a dinner together in NYC.

Her 18-year-old son also came along and the host said he was very proud seeing her enjoy the outing so much in light of his parents’ divorce.

That is when Wendy started crying tears of joy.

‘You know you all… I have a whole new life going on,’ Williams told her studio audience as they cheered.

She went on to recall the details of the dinner with Chyna and her son and then revealed that the night ended with her teen son saying something very sweet to her.

‘Kev looks at me [and says] ‘Look at mommy having fun! Appropriate fun, but, mommy having fun.’ And I am like, ‘Look at my boy. Looking at his mom have fun,’ she said, attempting to hold the tears back.

With tears still in her eyes, Wendy went on: ‘Just saying. I’m just saying. I’m not complaining or anything like that, I’m just saying. It’s just, like, nice.’

Once again, people showed her support by cheering loudly and shouting that they love her!

Judging by what she’s been revealing on the show lately, Wendy is really happy living her new, single life. It definitely sounds like she’s made the right decision filing for divorce!


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