Wendy Williams Says She'll Be Doing Her Talk Show On YouTube Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Wendy Williams Says She'll Be Doing Her Talk Show On YouTube Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Credit: Source: theblast.com

Amid the Coronavirus, COVID-19 self-quarantine, Wendy Williams’ talk show has also been put on hiatus for everyone’s safety. However, fans can rest assured that they will see Wendy back on their screens sooner than expected!

As it turns out, Wendy is planning on moving platforms to YouTube while the pandemic is still going on.

The host took to her IG page yesterday to tell her many followers that she was planning her return to work after also updating everyone on how her time in quarantine has been going.

Alongside a drawing of her meditating, Wendy wrote: ‘I’m trying to stay calm. I walked downstairs and stepped in throw up! I know EXACTLY who did it! Myway loves to play with rubber bands and there was a rubber band mix in which means she swallowed! I keep telling them this is not the time to act a fool. Btw I’m gonna start YouTube tmrw evening. #socialdistancing #meditation #calm.’

This comes after one insider also previously shared that Wendy was ‘weighing her options’ in the aftermath of The Wendy Williams Show being put on hiatus because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The source dished that ‘Wendy knows this hiatus is for the safety of everybody involved so of course, she supports the decision. But she is using her social platform to continue connecting with her audience and has been throwing the idea around of perhaps doing something from home. Nobody knows for sure how long this is going to go on for and anything is possible in terms of weighing their options right now.’

Wendy has been keeping her followers updated as far as her self-quarantine is concerned and it looks like social distancing comes pretty difficult to her.

After all, the insider also stressed that she is used to always being live in front of a crowd and on a tight schedule so taking such a radical break during which she has no contact with anyone is pretty hard.

Still, she’s handing it and perhaps moving her show to YouTube might even help take her mind off things.

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