Wendy Williams Says She Wants To Get Remarried And Already Has 'Suitors!'

Wendy Williams Says She Wants To Get Remarried And Already Has 'Suitors!'
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On the latest episode of her talk show, Wendy Williams admitted that, following her divorce from her husband of two decades, she would like to give marriage another try! That’s right, the host wants to get married again and that is not all!

Wendy told her audience that not only would she like to be a wife again but she already has more than one ‘suitor!’

As you may know, her divorce from Kevin Hunter was finalized just last month!

In the meantime, Wendy has been dating quite a lot and she even revealed that at some point, she thought she would be remarried by this summer!

‘You can ever say never! As my marriage was crumbling, I just knew in my mind and now I am finally divorced. I want to get married again. I do not know if it will happen again, but you know, I am dating. But, not right now I want to get married again. I thought that I wanted to get married again by the summer — there's qualified suitors, believe me! Here is the thing, now I kind of want to enjoy being single,’ she shared.

However, as far as she is concerned, after playing the field, she will one day feel like settling down with someone again.

‘In my mind, I do want to get married again, then at the very least I want a life partner. A man who's my partner, I do not want you to buy me things, my son does not need a stepdad, nothing like that. Sometimes in life you just can not say never about certain things.’

At this time, it’s unknown who Wendy is dating but even though she’s been keeping her flings pretty private, she always makes sure to at least tease her new love life on her talk show.

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