Wendy Williams Says Kevin Hunter Cheated On Her Constantly - Calls Him A 'Serial Cheater'

Wendy Williams Says Kevin Hunter Cheated On Her Constantly - Calls Him A 'Serial Cheater'
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Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter 's marriage didn't end on good terms, that much is for certain. As most know, the couple split up after it was revealed that he had fathered a child with Sharina Hudson behind Williams' back.

Wendy and Kevin split up in the aftermath of the controversy, and it even led to Kevin's departure from The Wendy Williams Show as its executive producer. For the most part, Wendy hasn't said a lot about Kevin in the press.

However, Page Six did pick up on an interview she did with Billy Bush on Extra this Thursday in which she did divulge some details on her failed marriage. According to Wendy, she never wanted to divorce him at the time because of their son, Kevin Hunter Junior, who is now 20-years-old.

Williams, the host of her eponymous talk show, claimed Kevin was a "serial cheater" and he had many other women that he dated behind her back. But his relationship with Sharina was the one that lasted the longest.

As it was previously reported back in March 2019, Hudson gave birth to Hunter's baby while he was still married to the host of The Wendy Williams Show . Once the news went public, Wendy filed for a divorce just a few weeks after.

In a statement, Kevin claimed he wasn't proud of what he had done to his wife. Moreover, he also apologized to Wendy's fans, all of her viewers, in addition to his family. Even though it was a tough time in her life, Wendy said she didn't regret any of it.

She says she doesn't regret her marriage with Kevin at all. More importantly, she doesn't look back on hiring the best divorce attorney money could buy so she could get everything she wanted and needed out of the separation.

Followers of the scandal know Kevin and Wendy finally officiated their divorce at the start of 2020. Both parties refused to bother with alimony, although, it was reported that Kevin did receive a hefty severance package in addition to a lump sum payment.


These days, Kevin and Wendy keep in touch for the sake of their son, but it's all business.

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