Wendy Williams Reveals: Has She Moved In With Her New Man Yet?

Wendy Williams Reveals: Has She Moved In With Her New Man Yet?
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According to Wendy Williams, her brand new relationship with her mystery doctor boyfriend is going great and she is crazy about him! The talk show host gushed over the man once again during her Hot Topics segment and even revealed if they live under the same roof already!

‘By the way, I still am crazy for the person, but he has his place and I have my place. I love love, but I will never give the key to my apartment that I share with my son. No! Oh, this new life!’ Wendy stressed.

As fans know, Wendy and her son, Kevin Jr., moved in together soon after the woman filed for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter.

The two have a great apartment in New York City that Wendy has learned to love a lot since it felt like starting anew after so many years in an unhappy marriage.

One thing is certain – Wendy loves the single life – and so, even though she’s in a relationship now, she really likes having her own place and life apart from her man.

As for her romance, Wendy took her studio audience by surprise when she revealed on July 8 that she is taken: ‘I’m not on the market anymore… I’m not in love, but there’s someone I’m crazy about!’

Before the Hot Topics segment that day, she had warned her audience that she would dedicate the whole thing to her personal life since she made headlines during the hiatus.

Wendy took this opportunity to deny the rumors that she was dating 27-year-old Marc Tomblin, with whom she was photographed out and about multiple times.

‘Listen, it’s not who you think! Mama doesn’t deal with children,’ she insisted before saying that her new boyfriend is also in his 50s, a doctor, and has a muscular build.

She kept his identity a secret, however.

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