Wendy Williams Responds To Reports About Her Erratic Behavior -- Here's Her Explanation

Wendy Williams Responds To Reports About Her Erratic Behavior -- Here's Her Explanation
Credit: Source: ET Online

Wendy Williams has seen all the drama about her erratic behavior on her show. The host has decided to face them with her own explanation.

On Monday, Wendy told both her audience at home and studio audience (made up of her staff) that she does the best she can.

'I always say I love you for watching ‘cause I really, really do. I come here every day and I try to do the best that I can for you,' she started.

The TV and radio legend went on to say: 'I appreciate you watching, but even after all of these years, it’s still work. An effort put in for the hour I’m out here, you know? I guess every day is not perfect, but I’m not a perfectionist. I’m not perfect. I do appreciate you putting in the effort to watch us, and I love entertaining you. You know? It’s not easy. It is not easy, you’re a tough crowd.'

This comes after Friday's show where the broadcaster was slurring, forgetful, and erratic. Many fans took to her Instagram and Youtube channel to state that they were genuinely concerned and not just trying to bash her.

Additionally, her former DJ who was mysteriously let go before the new season started made a troubling comment.

'Exactly and it will all come out... Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs ... this is going to play out bad ... I feel sorry for the workers and victims.'

B. Scott reported on a source that explained what was going on inside the show.

'Because of COVID, the staff sits in the audience every show, and they’re constantly worried she’s going to pass out on the air like before. Some days it’s so bad, the producers will pull the plug and air a repeat. But It’s a big production and they can’t keep wasting money like that.'


At least Wendy is acknowledging that her fans want whatever is best for her.

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