Wendy Williams Responds To Howard Stern's Dig - 'I Don't Hate You!'

Wendy Williams Responds To Howard Stern's Dig - 'I Don't Hate You!'
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Howard Stern and Wendy Williams are fighting again, except this time, it was Howard who started it. Eight months ago, Wendy and Howard claimed they crushed their beef finally, however , Stern made a comment about her in passing recently that stirred the pot once again.

A report from People claims Stern was on his Sirius XM Radio Show to explain that he didn't understand why Wendy received the Radio Hall of Fame award before he did. In response, Wendy delivered a very impassioned and diplomatic remark.

According to People, Howard, during Monday's episode of his show, mentioned Wendy's name in the context of the Critics Choice Awards, and how they never recognize radio as a category in which to receive awards.

In the middle of his comment, Stern took a subtle jab at Williams, who was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame back in 2011, around one year before he was. Howard said on his show, "no offense to Wendy Williams," but they put her in before him.

On Tuesday, Williams responded in earnest during her "Hot Topics" segment and asked Howard to stop once and for all. Wendy asked why Howard always felt the need to fight with her because she was just "trying to watch The Bachelor."

Williams urged Howard to not hate on her simply because she got into the Radio Hall of Fame before he did. The star admitted that one of the primary reasons she received the accolade first was because she had a new series at the time - a fact she recognizes.

Williams went on to say that Howard should keep his "hundreds of thousands of dollars," as well as his wife, Beth, who's active in animal rights activism, and sit back and enjoy his success. Admittedly, Wendy explained she was surprised to see she got the award before him as well.

The television show host went on to praise Howard, stating that she listened to him regularly during the formative years of her life. "They were wrong for that," Williams explained, in reference to the Radio Hall of Fame awarding her before him.

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