Wendy Williams Reportedly Thinks 50 Cent's Continuous Trolling Is Childish And 'Immature'

Wendy Williams Reportedly Thinks 50 Cent's Continuous Trolling Is Childish And 'Immature'
Credit: Source: WP.com

According to a report from HollywoodLife, Wendy Williams estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, who was once an executive producer on her show, has been inadvertently involved with Wendy's feud with the infamous Instagram troll, 50 Cent, who loves to poke and prod other celebrities and entertainers on his social media.

Reportedly, Wendy is trying her best to remain as mature as possible regarding the social media tango. Apparently, 50 Cent and Wendy have been fighting publicly for a while now, including for personal reasons, such as her getting a divorce and having to live in a sober living house.

Recently, 50 Cent referred to Wendy as being "lazy" for not ever wanting to leave the house or attend red carpet gatherings. Wendy allegedly said that 50 Cent making fun of her at this time was incredibly "disrespectful," especially considering the whole issue has been traumatic for her.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed Wendy doesn't have any plans to respond to 50 Cent's comments on social media. Moreover, the fact he's taking shots at her when she's in the middle of personal crises is incredibly cheap and petty, thus, she doesn't even want to respond.

An insider who spoke with the outlet claimed Wendy understands she is fair game to talk about, especially considering she has poked fun at other people's personal problems over the years. In fact, she has created an entire career out of it.

Furthermore, Wendy has criticized 50 Cent many times during her Hot Topics segment including for his personal life. Now, 50 Cent is taking it upon himself to capitalize on this moment of vulnerability. Supposedly, in his eyes, it's only fair.

In March, Wendy admitted to having to live in a sober living house, and 50 Cent posted an unflattering picture of her and said, "I knew something was up with this b*tch. It was the drugs." At the moment, Wendy is taking a break from her eponymous television show.

As most know, 50 Cent has garnered a reputation for himself as the kind of guy who loves to poke fun at others. While some hate him for it, many people on social media love it. Perhaps his most famous and long-running feud is with the rapper, Ja Rule, who was involved in the Fyre Festival debacle in 2017.


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  • Nojustno
    Nojustno Jun 16, 2019 7:01 AM PDT

    He is too old to be online trolling. Call it what it is, he is an ***hole. Sorry not sorry.

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