Wendy Williams' Recent Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Have Fans Exclaiming: 'She's Taking It To Another Level!'

Wendy Williams' Recent Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Have Fans Exclaiming: 'She's Taking It To Another Level!'
Credit: BET

On Wendy Williams' show's IG page, there's been posted a new video showing footage from behind the scenes of a photoshoot. Wendy is literally radiating with beauty and happiness, and this is easily seen. Check out the video that has fans in awe below.

'Go behind the scenes at Wendy’s recent photoshoot. New episodes start July 8! #photographer #photoshoot #wendywilliams💁🏽‍♀️ @robynmichelebeauty💄 @merrellhollis👗 @willie_thethird📸 @robertectorm' the video is captioned.

People cannot get enough of her, and they are praising Wendy in the comments, telling the host that they miss her.

Someone said, 'People...she’s taking it to another level!!!'

Another follower wrote: 'Though I’ve enjoyed seeing her out n about, enjoying life, I need Aunt Wendy back already. Tv isn’t the same without her.'

A fan posted: 'Sometime God won’t let you reach the next level until you release something’s that are holding you back. Wendy looks better than ever. 🔥🔥🔥🔥Congratulations, Wendy!!'

One other commenter said: 'I have to wait another week. You're hurting my morning routine, Miss Wendy. Plus I miss you.'

Someone posted: 'Your new life has given you such a beautiful glow and genuine happiness from within. Keep killing it!'

One person also gushed over the TV show host and said: 'Girl, you are more vibrant, beautiful and happier than ever. It's good to see you looking amazingly beautiful!! You finally have someone whose a real manager and has your best interest at heart. Your ex only cared about his bimbo and living off of you. So proud of you for not allowing his neglect and abuse to continue. Congratulations and hurry back, miss you!!'

Recently, Wendy defended herself after 50 Cent body-shamed her . She is full of confidence these days, as she continues to live her best life.

It's been recently reported that a source insists that Wendy is focused on enjoying her five-week vacation from work.

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  • Sharon
    Sharon Jul 5, 2019 1:41 PM PDT

    Sorry, but Wendy looks anything but radiant. She needs a makeover

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