Wendy Williams Raves About 70-Year-Old Vera Wang Showing Off Her Incredible Abs And Youthful Looks!

Wendy Williams Raves About 70-Year-Old Vera Wang Showing Off Her Incredible Abs And Youthful Looks!
Credit: Source: vogue.com

Vera Wang looks unbelievable at the age of 70 and Wendy Williams could not help but acknowledge that! The talk show host discussed that topic on her @home version of her show, gushing over the famous fashion designer after sharing some ab-baring pictures!

Wendy said what pretty much everyone who’s stumbled upon those snaps was thinking – Vera does not look nowhere near the age of 70!

The stunning pics showed the designer posing in outfits that let her toned abdomen and long legs be seen and she looked so youthful that it would not be a stretch to say that if no one knew better, they’d assume she was in her early 20s! She is just that in shape!

Wendy could not believe her eyes either and stated on her talk show that ‘She looks terrific! She says that she surrounds herself with young people. I am telling you, even when you pull up on her face, her face does not look 70. Shout out to all my aging girlfriends… Vera Wang, good for you!’

Sure enough, fans felt the exact same, commenting things like: ‘Vera Wang is 70? I thought she was in her 50’s.’ / ‘I still can’t believe she’s 70.’ / ‘Is she serious? What’s her secret?’ / ‘ Homegirl just went and unsubscribed from aging.’

Vera has been in quarantine with her ‘workday fashion family’ and according to the designer, they have definitely been pushing her to work out more than she usually does but also experiment with her style!

Sure enough, the results of her active and healthy lifestyle are very obvious!

In her Harper’s Bazaar survey, Wang shared that ‘All of them are extremely fit, which pushed me to ‘work out’ most days. [Furthermore,] being a hardcore fashion group, and me with my lifelong obsession with leggings, I had the opportunity to ‘play’ with clothes, something even a fashion designer rarely has the luxury of doing.’


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