Wendy Williams Postpones Her Return To Her Talk Show - Here's Why!

Wendy Williams Postpones Her Return To Her Talk Show - Here's Why!
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Wendy Williams was excited to start the new year better than ever on her show after her short break. However, due to her shoulder injury, it turns out that the talk show host was forced to postpone her return on the small screen since she needs more time to recover.

The celeb took to the media earlier today to announce her fans that she will be coming back in the second week of January.

As you may remember, Wendy fractured her shoulder not too long before Christmas, but like a pro, she powered through shooting for some episodes before what was supposed to be a two weeks long vacation.

However, as she is still recovering, Wendy decided to push back her return from January 7 to the 14th.

The woman’s rep talked to HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet that ‘Wendy Williams will be returning with all-new episodes of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, January 14, 2019. After fracturing her shoulder, Wendy is on the mend and wants to return pain-free and be 200%, delivering the best show that millions of viewers tune-in to watch.’

Wendy herself told her followers that it was the doctor’s orders to take a longer break.

‘So the doctor says I need an extra week of recovery. Thank you for all of the well-wishes. I’ll bring the doctor’s note and the tea. How you doin’?’ she told HollywoodLife.

Certainly, the woman can’t wait to get back into her Hot Topics segment and be as savage as only she can when discussing celebrity headlines and gossip.

Are you just as excited or not?

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