Wendy Williams Pokes Fun At Kevin Hunter Poison Accusations With Joke About Cupcakes

Wendy Williams Pokes Fun At Kevin Hunter Poison Accusations With Joke About Cupcakes
Credit: Youtube

Wendy Williams is using humor to deal with all the drama going on amid her divorce from Kevin Hunter. She recently poked fun at accusations her estranged husband was poisoning her at the beginning of the year.

Earlier this week, a police report surfaced online revealing a well-fare check back in January involving Williams and Hunter. The police were called by an anonymous person, who claimed Hunter was intentionally poisoning The Wendy Williams Show star. She denied all claims to the cops during the home visit. There was no evidence to charge Hunter or to even further investigate the accusations.

Now the TV personality is poking fun at the entire situation. The 54-year-old seemed to address the controversy during her After Show , which airs on YouTube when she made a joke about "poisonous" cupcakes on set.

"I saw on the box it said cupcakes from The Cupcake Man, or something like that in Jersey, like a legit place so I know they're not poisonous, so I'm going to share them with the crew. After I take mine. Just a few. Just a few," chuckled the mother of one.

She may be using humor to deflect from the tense situations going on in her life, but one thing is for sure, Williams is not speaking out regarding the allegations. The talk show host has not responded to the reports her soon to be ex-husband was poisoning her, or the fact police were called to check on her well-being.

Wendy Williams life has been in shambles for longer than fans even know. Although her marital woes have played out in the media, she has never opened up about her dilemma. She has spoken out regarding her addiction and her road to recovery recently but never on her husband drama.

The cupcake joke is clearly her way of poking fun at either a ridiculous rumor or a horrible situation she was involved in just a few months ago. Either way, at least Williams is finding a way to lighten the mood, while her divorce plays out in the media.

Hunter has not responded to the allegations he poisoned his soon to be ex-wife. He has also not commented on her funny joke about the accusations. The 46-year-old is keeping mum on all the drama with Williams, including his firing for her daytime talk show, at least for now.


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