Wendy Williams Makes Pact With Kris Jenner – Can She Still Talk About The Kardashian And Jenner Family In ‘Hot Topics’?

Wendy Williams Makes Pact With Kris Jenner – Can She Still Talk About The Kardashian And Jenner Family In ‘Hot Topics’?
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Wendy Williams has made a new pact with Kris Jenner, after years of feuding with the famous reality TV family.

The Wendy Williams Show host has never shied away from speaking her truth about the Kardashian and Jenner's, especially when it came to scandals. Williams would gladly give her two cents on any topic involving, Kris and her offspring. She was even rather critical of all the Kar/Jar clan in the past.

However, after spending part of her vacation hanging out with Kim Kardashian West and hubby Kanye West, Williams has made a pact with the famous momager. She clued her viewers into how she would speak about the famous family moving forward in her “Hot Topics” section.

"The piece de resistance is Kris I joke with you when I call her 'that woman,' but she is that woman, and I mean that in the best way. Kris and I bonded. Kris totally deserves every bit of success she has. That woman works hard, and we have each other's numbers, I call her up and stuff like, 'What's going on with this headline?" Williams explained to her audience.

She went on to discuss the respect Williams has for her newfound friendship with the infamous family, something fans are well aware did not have before.

"Here's what we agreed to. The family totally respects my job here at the purple chair, and I totally respect all their different hustles. But you can't do Hot Topics at least four times a week we mention this family and don't worry 'Wendy' watchers, I'll keep talking about them. The difference between now and five weeks ago is, I can call up the night before for accuracy. I'm in!" the host shared.

Wendy Williams has agreed to keep talking about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's, but viewers should not expect her to be so harsh. The good news is perhaps now that she has made a pact with Kris Jenner, Williams will have more insight into what is truly going on when the family makes headlines.

It appears Williams is turning over a new leaf since she ditched her cheating husband, Kevin Hunter. Could it be she is revamping her life and show to be more positive? Do you think her “Hot Topics” segment will be less juicy since she made a deal with the famous momager?


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