Wendy Williams Loves That Her Ex Is ‘Paying Attention’ To Her New Single Life

Wendy Williams Loves That Her Ex Is ‘Paying Attention’ To Her New Single Life
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It’s pretty obvious that Wendy Williams has a newfound freedom in the aftermath of her divorce that she’s never really felt before. The talk show host did not waste any time to start dating and to go out and party and it apparently feels like she was born again!

It makes sense that she feels that way since she was married for no less than 22 years, time during which she did not get to experience this side of living.

But now, Wendy is enjoying her every moment and is in the ‘best place’ she has been in a really long while.

Being single feels really empowering to Wendy, apparently!

And yes she is actually still a single woman even though she’s been having a fling with much younger 27 year old hunk Marc Tomblin.

An insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Wendy Williams is having a lot of fun living and exploring the single life right now. Wendy is so happy to have Marc to keep her spirits up right now. He’s been making a very hard time in her life much easier. She doesn’t call him her boyfriend, she just calls him her friend, although she seems to really like him.’

Wendy has her own apartment now and has been enjoying going out with friends and on dates quite a lot, especially with Marc.

‘When she’s with him she’s able to laugh and have fun and enjoy life. He takes her mind off her divorce and all the drama that has come with it. It’s been good for Wendy’s ego and no doubt it will make Kevin jealous. But, this new romance is way more than just a way to make her ex jealous. — Marc is helping her feel good again,’ the source also dished.

Another insider also noted that she is well aware Kevin Hunter is ‘paying attention’ to her new romance but she doesn’t care much since she is focused on living her best life.

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