Wendy Williams Laughs Off T.I.’S Diss Of Her Beach Body, Shoots Back By Calling Him Short?

Wendy Williams Laughs Off T.I.’S Diss Of Her Beach Body, Shoots Back By Calling Him Short?
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Wendy Williams’ pictures in Barbados became viral on the internet, and they also sparked controversies, especially with rapper T.I. During the vacation, the TV hosts’ assets looked huge in the tiny black bikini, and while some people seemed to think she slayed the look, others slammed her for having undergone plastic surgery in order to look like that.

T.I. took to social media to share a few snaps of Williams along with a lengthy caption that seemed to subtly diss her looks, while pretending to hold back.

The rapper claimed that he would not say anything about her looks and he’d stay respectful because she is a black independent woman who had to fight her way to the top.

However, in the caption, he changed his mind and decided that he’d turn the tables on her and show how it feels to judge people – something Wendy does every day on her show.

Despite the fact that Williams usually likes to ignore haters and body shamers by saying that as long as she is happy with what she sees in the mirror everything is fine, she couldn’t help but shoot back at Tip.

When asked by People what she thinks about the rapper throwing shade at her she said: ‘You know when a short man puts lifts in his shoes to be a little taller?’

Does she mean that T.I. has complexes about the way she looks and attacked Wendy because of his own frustrations?

Williams and her husband had a great time vacationing, and it sounds like she was not affected by what people commented on her beach body.

The TV host had admitted she got plastic surgery and joked with reporters that she is happy with the fact that she has big breasts and a flat belly and if she ever wants a behind as well, she can always buy one.

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