Wendy Williams' Latest Pics From Kandi Burruss' Racy Show Have Fans Saying That She Never Looked Better And She's Out There 'Hunting For Some Young Prey'

Wendy Williams' Latest Pics From Kandi Burruss' Racy Show Have Fans Saying That She Never Looked Better And She's Out There 'Hunting For Some Young Prey'

It was recently reported that among the celebrities who attended Kandi Burruss' racy show that she performed for her birthday, Wendy Williams was there as well.

People made sure to show Kandi lots of love in the comments, and for her birthday, Kandi received the  best surprise  from her hubby, Todd Tucker.

Wendy truly looked terrific at the event, and it really seems that after she hit her cheating hubby Kevin Hunter with the divorce papers, she keeps flourishing with each passing day.

People seem to agree and they praised Wendy's looks and the vibe that she's spreading these days.

Someone commented 'Wendy looks like she’s out here looking for some young meat! Lol go head gurl 🤘🏽'

One fan said 'When you finally eliminate negativity from your life,' while another commenter posted: 'She let that man go now she glowing...happy for her. I’m all for people leveling up and becoming healthier and loving themselves more.'

One person wrote this: 'When you get your heart broken but it’s okay cause the streets been waiting for you to be single again 💅🏾'

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Another fan gushed over Wendy and said 'The best she has looked in YEARS‼️ Stella get your groove back while dropping that ZERO 🙌🏾'

One commenter said that not too long ago, people were hating on Wendy and their current attitude is fake: 'Now everyone’s a Wendy fan. Just a few weeks ago, she was P body, Wendell & “too old to be gossiping” y’all so fake 😂😂😂'

It's great to see Wendy looking gorgeous and confident these days.

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  • DeDe M
    DeDe M May 22, 2019 7:06 AM PDT

    Oh please. Where does she get the gall to ask for sympathy when she's been laughing and ridiculing people for decades? Heres one: Divorce papers have not been filed in New Jersey; redacted or otherwise. That is a matter of Public Record. She's so needy that Kevin is staying with her (temporarily) while his girlfriend lays low in the Dominican Republic with their child. 'Show me the divorce papers. You cant'

  • Liz
    Liz May 21, 2019 9:21 AM PDT

    I don’t understand why so many ppl are rallying around Wendy; karma is a B and her name is Wendy! The way she laughed at people who has been in the same predicament as she is. she makes fun of them, she tease them, she’s shows them on her show every day and yet she’s telling the media to slow down on her as a hot topic; you are the hot topic and you’re going to be the hot topic for a while and I hope everybody keeps talking about you!

  • Nicola saldeba
    Nicola saldeba May 20, 2019 10:49 PM PDT

    Thanks so much for this lovely post Alexis!!! I totally agree with everything single thing you've written. Wendy is super awesome, I'm a super fan. She's very inspiring and entertaining. We should appreciate and continue support our fellow human and genuine talented celeb. She's beautiful and I love her clothes. I hope her hair stylist considers making stage hair more than her street hair as they make her look too hard and lessen her contour as she has natural beautiful features. Proud of her and will c her soon.

    • Alexis Stone
      Alexis Stone May 21, 2019 3:13 AM PDT

      Thanks for the kind words, Nicola! :)

      • Nicola saldeba
        Nicola saldeba May 21, 2019 11:30 AM PDT

        Bless you Alexis, great work!. Not everyone can 'broadly understand' others or Wendy..life eh, we just have to keep supporting others where due... Wendy's job is 'hot topics' and she is open about her life. 🤗

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