Wendy Williams Is Using Her Hiatus To Heal And Find Herself Again After Divorce And Health Issues

Wendy Williams Is Using Her Hiatus To Heal And Find Herself Again After Divorce And Health Issues
Credit: Source: BET

Wendy Williams is having what social media is calling a Hot Girl Summer. The talk show host is using her hiatus to heal and find herself again after her divorce and health issues.

The Queen of Gossip is taking a month break from her sometimes infamous series. During her time off, she has been dating, dancing, and spending time with the only man who will never disappoint her -- Kevin Hunter Jr.

She is also focusing on her sobriety which is a full-time job. Wendy is well-aware that high stress conditions can trigger the addict in her and lead her down the wrong path much like the path she went down when she found out her soon-to-be ex-husband welcomed a baby girl out of wedlock with his mistress Sharina Hudson.

A source told Hollywood Life that the hiatus came at the perfect time.

'The break that Wendy is taking from her show couldn’t have come at a better time. With all that has been happening with her family and her health she needs this time to spend with herself and then start to repair her life for the better because to say that things have been going as haywire as possible is an obvious understatement. It’s hard to live through everything she has been going through in the spotlight so to be out of it for a few weeks is pretty much what the doctor ordered! She is not going to squander this time and do nothing, its important for her to take this time to progress her healing.'

Williams has been mending broken fences with celebrities who she's talked about on the show. An insider claims that people like Blac Chyna, Charlamagne, and the Kardashians like the new Wendy and understand that discussing them during her Hot Topics segment is merely a part of her job.

It's great to see that the mom of one is having the time of her life after removing toxic people from her inner circle.

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