Wendy Williams is The Queen Of Shade With This Recent Post

Wendy Williams is The Queen Of Shade With This Recent Post
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Fans called Wendy Williams the queen of shade after she posted a photo and wrote a specific caption. You can check out the pic that had people talking below.

'Look @ me with my baby girl. I'm not the only Hunter with a baby situation,' Wendy captioned her post.

The Shade Room made sure to remind readers that 'She and her ex-husband split after it was rumored that he allegedly welcomed a child with another woman.'

A follower said: 'this is her friends baby but omg the caption 😂😂 we def need Wendy back in sept,' and someone else posted this: 'I wanna see more of this do you think you'd be a happy grandma!'

A commenter said: 'Omg not this caption. Queen of petty,' and someone else posted this message: 'Lmaoooo no lie Wendy look so much fun to be around 😂 imagine getting drunk with her and y’all are both spilling each other’s tea.'

Someone wrote: 'Lol! @wendyshow hilarious!!! Love the shade and humor ❤️' and another follower said: 'Petty Betty I love you Wendy. I wanna meet you sooo bad. Just to give @wendyshow a hug with love.'

One other commenter posted this '10 shocked faces later and I finally was able to like the photo! Why was I shocked when it's Ms. Wendy, I don't know!;

Not too long ago, Wendy Williams just showed her fans what’s her typical Sunday breakfast. You should check out her post that she shared on her social media account.

Wendy made her fans and followers happy and excited when she announced the 12th season of their favorite show! Check out her post that she shared on IG.

‘The 12th season of WENDY starts SEPTEMBER 21!!! I can’t wait to get back to all of YOU and to my AMAZING staff and crew!!!'

People can't wait to see the show again.

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