Wendy Williams Is On Tommy Lee's Side Amid Feud With Travis Scott

Wendy Williams Is On Tommy Lee's Side Amid Feud With Travis Scott
Source: nme.com

The talk show host talked about the feud between Tommy Lee and Travis Scott that started with the rocker accusing the rapper of copying his Motley Crew stage design! That being said, while Wendy Williams made it very clear that she is on Tommy’s side, she also explained that he should not be upset and why.

As you know by now, Travis Scott was accused by Tommy Lee that he ripped off his set design and used it on his Astroworld Tour.

To be more precise, the legendary rocker claimed Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy copied two main ideas: riding a rollercoaster between two stages and rapping, as well as making a full 360 on the rollercoaster track.

Wendy Williams explained the whole thing on her show and told her audience that she stands by Tommy on this one.

‘I do side with Tommy Lee. Tommy's an icon, and Travis Scott's of that age when he might know Tommy Lee’s name, maybe he was smart to go research someone that this young generation Travis is entertaining, they do not know who Motley Crew is. So, [Travis's] stealing an idea from an old white man who is doing something cool, my people will never know,’ Wendy told her studio audience.

But even though she was on his side, Williams still shaded Tommy for getting so upset about it and argued that nowadays, there aren’t any ‘original ideas’ anymore since pretty much everything has already been done.

‘Going back and taking from you, I understand the sincerest form of flattery's copying someone and so forth, but, nobody is doing that anymore. People are stealing ideas all day,’ she went on to say.


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