Wendy Williams Is Having Trouble Finding New Guests For These Reasons

Wendy Williams Is Having Trouble Finding New Guests For These Reasons
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Wendy Williams has the reputation of a bit of a bully when it comes to her TV show, and this was something she claimed to be working on in recent months.

And while it seemed like the host was indeed making progress towards being less toxic and arrogant, it does not look like that lasted long.

Recent reports indicate that Williams has been having a lot of trouble signing new guests on, as her attitude has been getting in the way of her show’s success.

It is no secret that Williams likes to roast her guests, and this has turned many away from the prospect of visiting her show.

She was recently showing a different attitude, a much more relaxed and pleasant one, leading many to believe that she might have finally changed for good.

However, inside reports indicate that Williams was back to her old ways pretty much entirely, and was very careless about her attitude now that she had been given the green light to work on her show as before.

A source told the Daily Mail : “There’s always been a segment of Hollywood stars who would never come on Wendy’s show. There are still a lot of big-name black stars in particular who made a vow a decade ago to never appear on her show based on things she said about them doing her radio days.”

The insider claimed: “But just when we thought things would be easier for getting guests and engaging people who aren’t just reality stars and B-players in sitcoms and movies, she’s making it hard again.”

Williams went as far as shading her friend and actor Jerry O’Connell, who guest co-hosted her show earlier this year.

The source explained: “She knew good and well what the hell she was doing. Once Wendy got her green light to return for two more seasons, she didn’t have to play nice any longer and pretend she was onboard with Jerry’s show being her sibling show.”

The person added: “She always believed her executives were trying to groom Jerry to replace her, and that pretend mix-up she did on-air was her Wendy way of sabotaging Jerry.”

As a result, many people have turned down offers to participate, and Williams has found herself with a continually shrinking list of potential guests. Will she be able to draw in new celebrities? It is hard to tell.

Williams has become a controversial figure in the entertainment world lately, and many of her fans seem to have turned her backs on her as well.

As a result, rumors indicate that Williams might make some more shocking attempts to regain her position on the little screen.

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