Wendy Williams Is Focused On Her Career After Blindsiding Kevin Hunter With Divorce Papers

Wendy Williams Is Focused On Her Career After Blindsiding Kevin Hunter With Divorce Papers
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Wendy Williams allegedly blindsided her estranged soon-to-be ex-husband when she allegedly had the divorce papers disguised as a present when Kevin Hunter was served. Now that the talk show host has got the hardest part out of the way, she is moving onwards and upwards.

A source said that an eyewitness recounted the shocking moment Kevin Hunter was given those papers that will end his marriage of over 20 years.

"When Kevin excitedly opened the box, thinking it was a gift of some sort, the process server uttered those famous words, ‘you have been served. Kevin is now persona non-grata at ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ The passcodes have been changed and his access to the building has been revoked. Wendy has instructed staff to not let him anywhere near her."

Wendy has allegedly created a safe space for her peace of mind knowing that her estranged husband allegedly tends to get verbally and physically violent.

Although this was a tough call, the 54-year-old is happy and focusing on her career from this point on.

A source tells Radar Online: "It’s like the hills are finally alive with the sound of music again for her. When we spoke after she filed she actually sounded happy! And we are happy for her! Kevin was dead weight, and she will be okay in the end. She may not even realize this yet, but this is the best thing for her. He needed to be out of the picture for so many reasons and now he finally is. Her friends will continue to support her."

Wendy and her friends aren't the only ones feeling a weight lifted off their shoulders, the crew of the talk show is also said to be rolling in the good news .

A report claimed that the workers always felt that Kevin was too involved and controlling with anything that Williams participated in. He went from running a salon to running a TV show which was something that the staff wasn't fond of from the get-go.

What do you think should be Wendy's next move?

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