Wendy Williams Is Doubtful Mama June Will Keep Her Weight Down

Wendy Williams Is Doubtful Mama June Will Keep Her Weight Down
Source: TheWendyWilliamsShow

As Celebrity Insider readers know, Mama June underwent a drastic transformation! The From Not Too Hot star lost 300 pounds through diet and exercise and underwent plastic surgery to complete the make-over.

The question everyone wants to know right now is, will the reality star be able to keep the weight off? For months? For years?

Shortly after interviewing Mama June on The Wendy Williams Show, the host gave her prediction of what she thinks will happen in the end.

"I am 50-50 with Mama June, and I told her that behind the scenes. I said Mama June, please work really hard to keep the weight off, but she's also got Honey Boo Boo who is a child growing up. She wants normal food."

The talk show explained the motivation of Mama June was dubious. She was encouraged to lose weight to make money from the network, and with the aid of plastic surgery, it's difficult to tell if she will be able to keep her weight down.

What Wendy Williams is unaware of, though, is Mama June got the weight off through diet and exercise, she merely underwent plastic surgery to remove excess skin. She didn't get liposuction.

Mama June, in another interview, said she plans to keep her weight down by cutting down her portion sizes and adopting a much better exercise regimen.

The reality star declared, "I can promise you I'm never going back to that size. I'm happy where I'm at."

Fans may not know this, but Wendy Williams also underwent a body transformation. She revealed she had lost 50-pounds over a 3-year period.

The host said weight loss is one part of the battle, but the other part is keeping the weight off. She went on to explain the importance of moderation.

Do you think Mama June will keep the weight off? Let us know in the comment section.


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  • Elizabeth Conley
    Elizabeth Conley Apr 18, 2017 10:31 AM PDT

    I think if she hook up with/ without her trainer and eat right she'll keep the weight off ijs. Rooting of you June Don't take that fool back no way.

  • layla
    layla Apr 17, 2017 2:31 PM PDT

    most people who lose weight drastically keep the weight off, they don't want to go back to that place, sure they may gain a couple of pounds here and there but I highly doubt she'll go back to the former Mama June

  • Beanie LaMari
    Beanie LaMari Apr 14, 2017 6:03 AM PDT

    I think she'll keep it off, but it all depends on just how bad she wants to keep it off. If she is totally serious about staying healthy then she will keep it off. If she only did it for the money and she like what she see's that alone just may be all the motovation she needs. Me personally I would never go back to looking like that, especially after i saw what i could look like and knowing how hard it was to get it off, I most definitely wood choose to stay healthy.

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