Wendy Williams Is Certain Offset's Public Apology To Cardi B Was Just A PR Stunt!

Wendy Williams Is Certain Offset's Public Apology To Cardi B Was Just A PR Stunt!
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It sounds like the talk show host is not at all convinced Cardi B and Offset are on the brink of divorce! From Wendy Williams’ point of view, the two rappers are just playing the estranged couple card for publicity! Is this really a PR stunt?

As fans know, the Migos member has been apologizing to his wife of one year left and right, either in videos shared on social media or even in front of her audience on stage.

Most people looking at their crumbled romance from the outside feel bad about how things have turned out between them but as it looks like, Wendy doesn’t even buy the split is real!

During Wendy’s episode earlier today, she told her studio audience that ‘It seems like we are always hearing the same ol' story over and over again, I do not know how to keep up. Fans think that it was a PR stunt, and I agree. Offset walked up on stage with a cake and flowers… I do not believe that she knew about it. I believe Offset and her publicist knew about it - all of the people behind the scenes,’ the woman stated.

She went on to make it very clear that she still thinks Cardi B should not have gotten married or had a child so soon in the first place!

After all, she is only 25 and also at the peak of her career.

‘I wish that she hadn’t gotten married and she hadn’t had a baby… she could've waited for another time. Cardi's on the fast track right now… Certainly her DMs are full of men who'd love to date her… I feel like the complications of being involved with a man with 3 kids already is a little... who wants that?’ Wendy added.

Do you agree with Wendy or not?

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