Wendy Williams Is All For Rihanna And Chris Brown Being Friends While Fans Hate It

Wendy Williams Is All For Rihanna And Chris Brown Being Friends While Fans Hate It
Credit: Source: people.com

Fans have been pretty worried about the alleged friendship between exes Rihanna and Chris Brown after all that happened between them in the past. However, it turns out that Wendy Williams is actually not against it at all!

However, the talk show host doesn’t want the two singers to get romantic again and she also explained why.

Reports have been going around that RiRi and her ex, Chris keep in contact and are quite friendly to one another despite their very toxic past romance.

About this, Williams, said: ‘There's people that cannot go back and just be friends with their exes after they've damaged their face and you know… She came back lovely. I think she can handle it because honestly, I believe Rihanna has grown now in so many ways — including business and the way that she conducts her personal life.’

Wendy went on to make it very clear that she is not a shipper and that she definitely doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to rekindle their relationship.

As far as them being in contact is concerned however, the woman believes Rihanna can handle it and that Brown has grown a lot since their violent scandal.

About the people going crazy over the friendship reports, Wendy stated that ‘I am trying to break it down like a mature woman, because I do like them being friends. It is a tough business, you know, and you need a good friend.’

Still, the host acknowledged that it is possible Chris may be trying to be more than just friends.

That being said, Wendy also noted that Chris commented a flushed face emoji under a topless Instagram picture of Rihanna earlier this week.


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  • Wanda M. Benton
    Wanda M. Benton Nov 28, 2018 10:40 AM PST

    Why is Wendy still relevant? Her show is so horrible!! Not to mention the fact I would rather French kiss my ex-husband for an hour a day versus watching & listening to her. What makes us so starved for entertainment that is a sideshow with no substance. Wendy, substance, please.

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