Wendy Williams' Ideal Christmas Present Is A Finalized Divorce From Kevin Hunter!

Wendy Williams' Ideal Christmas Present Is A Finalized Divorce From Kevin Hunter!
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Earlier today, during her talk show, Wendy Williams threw some shade at her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter amid their legal separation. The host made it very clear that all she wants for Christmas is for their divorce to get finalized!

That’s right! The holidays are just around the corner and it turns out that the one present Wendy wants is to be a single woman officially!

A new year is about to start and the talk show host wishes she can start anew in 2020 as well, leaving behind her split from Kevin Hunter.

Her wish was revealed when Love and Hip Hop star Stevie J stopped by her show and came bearing gifts.

Of course, Wendy appreciated the silver necklace and the roast beef sandwich he brought her but that did not stop her from telling everyone what she really wants under the tree this Christmas.

Wendy does like to subtly shade her ex on TV quite a lot since he betrayed her so her statement that the ideal present would come from a court was not too surprising.

As fans remember, Kevin was involved in a huge cheating scandal!

The man was not just unfaithful however, he even had a baby with his longtime mistress, which was what really crossed the line for Wendy.

The talk show host has mentioned before that she could have forgiven any mistake of his with one exception – fathering kids with another woman!

Since their split in April, Wendy has been living her best single life so it makes total sense that she wants to be officially divorced already so she can move on with her life.

Before it all came crashing down, Wendy and Kevin were married for almost 22 years.

They also share a 19 year old son named after his dad, Kevin Hunter Jr.

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