Wendy Williams' Husband Reportedly To Blame For Her Breakdown Amid Abuse Claims

Wendy Williams' Husband Reportedly To Blame For Her Breakdown Amid Abuse Claims
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The last time fans saw Wendy Williams on her daytime talk show, it was nearly two months ago when she gave a “less than stellar” performance that featured repeated words and slurred speech.  Williams immediately apologized and blamed her pain medication for the odd behavior, and she promised a “better Wendy in 2019.” She hasn’t been back to her show since that day, and now insiders are claiming that there is a lot more going on than fans were led to believe.

When she wrote her apology on Instagram, Williams blamed the pain medication that she had recently started taking for a fractured shoulder and her Graves’ disease - an autoimmune disorder of the thyroid gland.

However, according to Page Six, insiders say that Williams has been struggling at work for years, with her behavior getting worse in recent months, and it was because of emotional and physical abuse from her husband and manager, Kevin Hunter.

Employees of The Wendy Williams Show say that they have worried about the hosts’s unusual behavior for years, and things started to get noticeably worse during the 2014/2015 season. For one former producer, Thursdays were the absolute worst.

“On those days we would tape one show live, and then there’d be a break, and we would tape another show to air on Friday,” the former TV producer said. “Sometimes [Wendy] would be in her dressing room, doing whatever she does between shows, and her behavior for the second show would seem erratic. It started happening more and more frequently … trailing off mid-sentence, not finishing her thoughts.”

Another former staffer added that there were times when Williams was obviously “not present.”

A former intern at Williams’ radio show The Wendy Williams Experience - which ran from 2002 to 2009 - says that their job was to buy bottles of wine and champagne and sneak it into the studio so Hunter wouldn’t know Williams was drinking.

The sources say that Williams was afraid of her husband, and she would often hide in the bathroom until he left the office. It was also a common practice for the staff to hear Hunter and Williams fighting, and you could “hear slaps or some type of tussling going on.”

“They’re not your typical couple,” said the source. “They’re not a couple where you think there is love there. It’s very toxic.”

As for her TV show, insiders say that Wendy Williams is “super scared and anxious” about losing the show to one of her successful fill-ins. But, she is currently in no position to return.

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