Wendy Williams' Husband Reportedly Expecting A Baby With His Mistress

Wendy Williams' Husband Reportedly Expecting A Baby With His Mistress
Credit: Source: E Online

Wendy Williams is usually more than happy to jump on the latest celebrity gossip, but not when the rumors involve her personal life. The talk show host is currently facing rumors that her husband, Kevin Hunter, is expecting a baby with his mistress – and Williams is not happy about it.

Rumors surfaced last fall that Hunter had been cheating on his wife with his personal masseuse, a 32-year-old named Sharon Hudson. Sources even claimed that Hunter was living two separate lives: one with Williams and the other with his mistress.

Shortly after the rumors made headlines, Williams denied the allegations via a statement through her rep.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , the rep acknowledged that Hunter and Hudson are friends but claimed that nothing romantic was happening.

“One plus one does not equal three,” Williams’ rep shared. “This woman is a friend of Mr. Hunter but there is no there there.”

It is unclear if the rumors are true, but it is odd that Williams and Hunter admitted that he is good friends with his reported mistress.

The rumors re-surfaced this week after insiders claimed that Hunter bought Hudson a house in 2016. The home was just placed on the market for close to $1 million.

Inside sources believe Hunter may be selling the property because he can no longer keep up his double life. This is because he allegedly got Hudson pregnant, and raising a newborn while trying to live another life with Williams is not possible.

Williams recently addressed the rumors on her show, though she did not go into too much detail about the allegations. Instead, Williams said that she is standing by her husband and that fans can believe whatever they want.

Inside sources also claim that Williams’ marriage is stronger than ever, despite all of the cheating rumors surrounding Hunter.

Although it sounds like Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter are fine, it is interesting that they have not denied the pregnancy rumors in public – at least not yet.

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