Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Opens Up About Her Sobriety As New Photos Surface Of Him With His Mistress

Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Opens Up About Her Sobriety As New Photos Surface Of Him With His Mistress
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Just days after talk show host Wendy Williams revealed that she was living in a halfway house while she battled her addiction to alcohol and pills, her husband Kevin Hunter has spoken out about his wife’s sobriety. Hunter says that dealing with his wife’s issues is a “family process,” but it looks like part of that process for Hunter is spending time with his longtime mistress.

“Wendy is doing well,” Hunter said during a recent interview. “We’re doing well as a family. We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves.”

Hunter added that anybody who has dealt with addiction knows that it affects everyone in the family, but they are dealing with it and moving forward.

Last week, Williams told fans of The Wendy Williams Show that for some time now, she has been living in a sober house. She explained that she had struggled with cocaine in the past, but she never got treatment for her addiction. Instead, she was able to stop using because “God was sitting on my shoulder.”

She then revealed that only Hunter knew about her living situation, and after she finishes her appointments, sees her family, and has dinner, her 24-hour sober coach drives her to the sober house where she lives with a “bunch of smelly boys who have become my family.”

Williams says that lights must be out by 10 pm, the same time they lock the doors. She then goes to her room and stares at the ceiling until she falls asleep. The next morning, she goes to work and does it all over again.

An insider says that the 54-year-old is “100 percent committed to her sobriety,” and ever since Williams returned to her talk show earlier this month, she has had her sober coach with her every day.

At the same time Williams was sharing her struggles with the world, photos of Hunter and his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson surfaced online via The Daily Mail . When Hunter took his wife to a rehab facility in Florida, he reportedly flew Hudson down to the Sunshine State, and there are pictures to prove it.

In the pics, Hunter and Hudson appear to be on a porch outside their hotel room, while Hunter is shirtless and Hudson wears a tube-top, sunglasses, and hat. Hudson is also flashing a peace sign and making a duck face.

An insider says that Hudson has given Hunter multiple ultimatums. But, since Williams funds their lifestyle, he can’t leave her.

Rumor has it that Wendy Williams went back to drugs after she confronted Kevin Hunter about his affair, and she also injured her arm during an altercation with him.

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays in syndication.

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