Wendy Williams Hits Fans With A Gorgeous Spring Look After Revealing The Best News

Wendy Williams Hits Fans With A Gorgeous Spring Look After Revealing The Best News
Credit: BET

Wendy Williams is back! Starting tomorrow, her fans will be able to watch the Wendy Williams Show because their favorite star will be broadcasting from home. This piece of news left her fans in awe, and people made sure to show the TV show host their never-ending love.

Lots of fans told Wendy that they missed her a lot, and they praised this decision.

Someone said: 'Yesssss!!!! I NEED hot topics back! Quarantine without hot topics is like slow torture,' and one other follower posted this: 'Is that booth in the corner 👀❤️ I can't wait for Wendy at home.'

A commenter said: 'yes!!! I was getting tired of the repeats!!!' and one other follower said: 'Finally!! We get to share our morning with you again.'

Wendy also showed off a new spring gorgeous look just to brighten the days of her fans during these difficult times we're living in.

Fabs loved this new fresh look that she flaunted in this recent photo shoot.

Somoene told Wendy that she definitely has to keep this new makeup artist that she has: 'Yess she needs to keep this makeup artist.'

A lot of people also said that Wendy has been flourishing since she left Kevin, and these days, she is living her best life.

BET reported just the other day that the television talk show host, Wendy, whose show went off the air on the 12th of March due to the surge of coronavirus cases in New York City, will be going live again on the 6th of April.

She will be filming from her home just like a lot of TV hosts are doing these days. People all over the world are spending most of their time inside their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Life seems strange these days, and people cannot wait for things to go back to normal.

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  • Roberta E Klein
    Roberta E Klein Apr 6, 2020 5:58 AM PDT

    Yes, yes, yes, we need you back Wendy ....We missed you ....

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