Wendy Williams - Here's How She Feels After Divorce From Kevin Hunter Gets Finalized!

Wendy Williams - Here's How She Feels After Divorce From Kevin Hunter Gets Finalized!
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Almost a year after filing the documents, it looks like Wendy Williams’ divorce from Kevin Hunter has been finalized! That being said, she is now officially single and ready to mingle!

While she’s been enjoying the single life for a while now, since now it’s also legally true, it must feel like a brand new chapter in her life, especially since it’s been a very long time since she’s been single!

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that she is ‘content and at peace’ and also ‘relieved’ that she can ‘move forward in her life.’

It has already been almost a year since the talk show host filed for divorce from the man with whom she was married for no less than 21 years!

She made this huge decision after learning that Kevin had not only had a longtime affair but that he even had a baby girl with the other woman.

Judging by the documents the news outlet was able to obtain, it appears that their divorce generally went smoothly even though they had some business sides to deal with as well.

After all, Kevin Hunter was not only Wendy’s husband but also the executive producer of her talk show, appropriately titled, The Wendy Williams Show.

Furthermore, they also formed Wendy Williams Productions in 2013 and ran it together since.

The insider went on to talk about how Wendy feels now that the divorce is finalized, saying that it’s like a ‘huge weight [has been lifted] off her shoulders. She wanted this for a long time, and her marriage was really weighing her down. Having this officially behind her is making a true difference.’

Sure enough, back in December, during an episode of her talk show, Wendy showed her gratitude towards her many fans for being by her side during such a difficult situation like a divorce could be.

‘We’ve seen everything! I love you all, you're the voice inside my head. I love my people and I love this show. And, if you do not like that I talk about my personal life or whatever, then change the channel. — I don’t care. It has been a year from hell and now I am back!’

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