Wendy Williams Had A Shout Out For Her Ex-Husband-s Mistress And Her Daughter - See The Clip

Wendy Williams Had A Shout Out For Her Ex-Husband-s Mistress And Her Daughter - See The Clip
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It seems that Wendy Williams really wanted to send a message to her ex-hubby's mistress and daughter, so she did it. Check out this clip posted by The Shade Room below.

Someone said: 'I just want wendy to see a therapist. She has been thru a lot that she needs to deal with,' and another follower posted this message: 'One thing about it hunnie yall can't see Wendy don't put her tea on display cause she do !!!'

Another commenter posted this: 'Getting outta my car with my money,' and one other follower said: 'If you get in between someone’s marriage, you’re lucky this all you getting!'

Someone else said: 'The fact that you brought the baby into it says more than enough about you.'

A commenter posted this message: 'I Don't Know Why She Mad At The Baby She Ain't Ask To Be Here Be Mad At Her Momma ❗' and someone else said: 'Sis been waiting for this Moment.... yas Healing Process!!!!'

Another follower said: 'She a be sick if they made a video saying good morning back tho,' and one other follower said: 'Y’all over here in these comments talking about leaving the baby out of it... all she said was HI... that child will grow to understand that her mother and father are trifling and she’s a product of messy thang #1 and messy thang #2.'

A follower said: 'That’s right Wendy!! Call them all out! Y’all wanna call her a hypocrite for not talking about her own business but when she does y’all saying she took it too far. NO, she did what needed to be done! TeamWendy! 😅'

A commenter posted this: ' this the kind of mess that only happened when I was a kid and had to stay out of grown folks business. Lol I GROWN NAH!!!'


Wendy Williams ‘ brother, Tommy Williams shared an important message and The Shade Room posted a video on social media. Check out what he had to say.

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