Wendy Williams Goes On A Frustrated Rant Over People Saying She's On The ‘Kardashian Payroll’

Wendy Williams Goes On A Frustrated Rant Over People Saying She's On The ‘Kardashian Payroll’
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People have been saying that, Wendy Williams, who nowadays is not nearly as much of a KarJenner critic as she used to be, is ‘on the Kardashian payroll!’ That being said, the talk show host was not very happy about that rumor so she proceeded to clap back during her latest episode.

As you may know, Wendy and Kris Jenner have become quite close friends in the last few months and so, people who loved it when she dragged the Kardashian-Jenners haven’t been getting that much from her.

Hearing the accusations that she’s on that ‘payroll’ was really upsetting for Wendy so she made sure to defend herself.

It all started with her raving about how comfortable Kim’s Skims shapewear is and then acknowledging her close relationship with the famous reality TV family lately.

‘And girls, I have to tell you, I don’t wear shapewear, but this stuff is very comfortable. And no, I am not on a Kardashian payroll, pick a finger, OK. How dare you say that! I say what I want here on my show.’

She was obviously frustrated about the rumors but after the short rant she took a step back to apologize for her ‘attitude’ before going on to explain: ‘I don’t know, I have an attitude every single day, but only because I feel so defensive to you. You are always saying something against me, you know whether it is the sneakers, or that I am on the Kardashian payroll, or whatever. So, I feel defensive in a nice way though! I try in a nice way!’

Wendy did not refer to a certain comment about the whole ‘payroll’ thing or specify where she’d seen it said but it’s not out of the question that she’d actually held in her frustration about it for months!

After all, fans were pretty taken aback when she first started hanging out with Kris Jenner back in June, but also with her daughter Kim and son in law, Kanye at their house!

And it makes sense they were so surprised since, before that, they were as critical as one can be about the huge family, something she's definitely dialed down since getting friendly with them.


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