Wendy Williams Gets Really Emotional Over The Loss Of Human Lives Caused By COVID-19

Wendy Williams Gets Really Emotional Over The Loss Of Human Lives Caused By COVID-19
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The talk show host got pretty emotional while talking about all the people who have lost their lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wendy Williams broke down in tears during her chat with Michael Yo, just thinking about the human lives lost, especially on a special day like Easter.

Earlier today, while she was doing her quarantine talk show from home, Wendy could not help but tear up while talking about the global health crisis that continues to make victims all over the world.

At the time, Wendy and comedian Michael Yo were talking about his own experience being infected with the virus, which, as it turns out, affected him a lot.

The man was in the ICU for eight days and now continues to recover at home.

‘One thing I saw in the hospital, I know in the hospital, people die alone and that was the worst thing. No one, Wendy, deserves to die alone,’ he argued before his video call ended.

After all, patients infected with COVID-19 are obviously quarantined in hospitals as well, away from any other healthy people, even their loved ones.

Naturally, if they have complications and end up passing away, they are all alone.

This image really got to Wendy who was already tearing up and she started crying after the call ended.

‘That thing about dying alone, I can’t even — that is unbearable, and yesterday was Easter,’ she told her viewers.

Wendy also revealed that the virus has really changed her way of thinking about certain things.

‘I’m done judging couples and why they love each other. There are certain reasons for relationships and there are certain reasons why people do things the way that they do… I am over it. This virus has really put a little piece of virus on my judgement-ality, even though their business is also our business,’ the single TV host stated.

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