Wendy Williams Gets Really Emotional About Her Divorce - Says She'll Never Change Her Name!

Wendy Williams Gets Really Emotional About Her Divorce - Says She'll Never Change Her Name!
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It’s been two months since Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter and when their marriage was mentioned, the star broke into tears. The talk show host confessed that she and her family have been ‘going through a situation’ and also made it very clear that she'll always be Wendy Hunter in her personal documents.

While a guest on SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show earlier today, Wendy revealed that she has no intention of ever changing her surname, despite how things ended between her and Kevin Sr.

Karen wondered if Wendy had already gone through the tedious process of changing her last name on her bank accounts, credit cards, and so on!

But Wendy explained that: ‘No, my name is Wendy Hunter, that’s my son’s name,’ referring to the 18-year-old she has with her ex, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Then, getting emotional, she added: ‘And you can’t take away twenty…don’t make me cry.’

After a pretty long pause, trying to compose herself again, Wendy asked for the topic to be changed, telling the host, ‘Next.’

But even though she teared up, the woman insisted that she is happy and healthy and at peace in the aftermath of their divorce.

That’s not to say everything is perfect since she mentioned that she is ‘going through a situation with [her] family,’ although she did not mention what kind of situation.

Later on, the host wanted to ask if there is any chance of Wendy and Kevin getting back together since she is not planning on changing her name.

But before she could finish the question, Wendy said: ‘No. Don’t ask. No! Girl. Don’t ask. I know what you are saying. But my family's good, and we will always be family.’

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