Wendy William's Friends Are Begging Her To Leave Controlling Cheater Kevin Hunter

Wendy William's Friends Are Begging Her To Leave Controlling Cheater Kevin Hunter
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If talk show host Wendy Williams wants to get healthy both mentally and physically, she needs to ditch her husband, says her friend Paul Porter. After watching his fellow Northeastern University alum admit last week that she was living in a sober house, Porter says that he became alarmed when he saw Williams cough and choke during last Thursday’s episode.

“I thought she was going to pass out,” Porter told Page Six . “I’m worried about her health. Somebody needs to do something.”

Porter, the author of Blackout which chronicled his 40 years as a broadcaster, says that he has talked to Williams regularly over the past couple of years, and he believes that her husband, Kevin Hunter, is a “control freak” and a “terror.” But, “for some reason, she can’t break away.”

Porter also revealed that Williams considered divorcing Hunter - the executive producer of The Wendy William Show - last year when she reportedly learned that his mistress was pregnant. However, they ended up going to counseling, and she opted not to leave her husband.

When she returned to her talk show after a two-month hiatus, Williams told her audience that her marriage is far from perfect, but she and Hunter will be together forever. She explained that Hunter is her lover and best friend, and she is still very much in love with him.

“I’m still very much in love with my husband, and anybody who's been married for five minutes or 500 years, you know marriages have ebbs and flows,” she added. “Marriages are not easy. Don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone (points to ring) and it ain’t going anywhere. Not in this lifetime!”

Meanwhile, Williams continues to battle her struggle with addiction, and she has been living in a sober house and going to meetings regularly. She did not reveal if she had relapsed, but Porter believes that Williams is dealing with this issue again because of her marriage.

According to an anonymous insider, Hunter forced Williams to move into the sober house, but no one else believes it is the right place for her. The source added that it is frightening how much Williams is under Hunter’s control, but she won’t listen to any negative words about him, and her friends are terrified that something awful will happen.

Apparently, Williams is “frail and vulnerable,” and she is always showing up to the set “looking terrible.”

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays in syndication.

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