Wendy Williams Feud With Charlamagne Tha God Detailed In Upcoming Memoir!

Wendy Williams Feud With Charlamagne Tha God Detailed In Upcoming Memoir!
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It’s been almost a decade since Charlamagne tha God has been fired from Wendy Williams’ talk show, and he is just now opening up about the feud with his mentor and close friend.

Charlamagne is set to publish a memoir titled Black Privilege in which he slams the television host for being “very cruel.” He also talked about her manager and husband Kevin Hunter, writing that he is “extremely aggressive.”

The star admitted that Williams was the one that taught him everything he knew in the three years he worked with her but that eventually, they had a fall out over a business deal that went wrong.

After his gig with Williams ended, Charlamagne revealed that Hunter represented him in negotiations for a new job in Philadelphia.

He alleges that Hunter insisted the new employer give him $350,000 a year, even though the initial offer was of just $70,000.

“He was always extremely aggressive in trying to get more money out of situations,” Charlamagne wrote in his book that is set to be published tomorrow. “He’d yell at and often threaten people till he got what he wanted.”

Seeing how aggressively he did business, Charlamagne decided to approach the company alone and accepted the offer $75,000.

At that point, Hunter texted back in range. “You did some foul s**t. Lose my number.”

Even though at first the fight did not involve Wendy, in the end, the radio star and Charlamagne lost contact as well.

“I know she feels she has to have her husband’s back and I have to respect that.”

Furthermore, Charlamagne alleged that there were some signs things would not work between them before as well, as Wendy is infamous for their sharp tongue.

Are you going to read “Black Privilege?”


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  • Percy
    Percy Apr 18, 2017 2:48 PM PDT

    Two big ol queens fighting for the throne

  • Elizabeth Conley
    Elizabeth Conley Apr 18, 2017 10:26 AM PDT

    Wendy you tell it like it is!

  • cherrie mcclain
    cherrie mcclain Apr 18, 2017 4:26 AM PDT

    Wendy wants all to think shes such a goody two shoes but she really looks like a man in a dress an im sure from the way she talks and acts on her show. Its her way or no way an i actually. Like watching hercher

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