Wendy Williams Fears Demi Lovato Will Not Stay Sober Because Her Living Situation ‘Isn’t Stable Enough’

Wendy Williams Fears Demi Lovato Will Not Stay Sober Because Her Living Situation ‘Isn’t Stable Enough’
Source: stylecaster.com

It looks like Wendy Williams is worried about what may happen to the singer while out of rehab! The talk show host fears that Demi Lovato’s unstable living situation and her sober coach will eventually cause her to start using drugs again.

According to new reports, Demi has decided to sell the house where her overdose took place and instead, spend equal time in a halfway house as well as a private L.A. house as she continues to recover and stay sober.

However, Wendy told the audience on her show that ‘It’s still not stable enough. You have to spend time in one place or another, all that time packing bags 3 days a week here, and 3 days a week there.’

As fans know, Demi left rehab a few days ago and was spotted with designer Henry Levy at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Reports say he is also her ‘sober coach,’ aside from maybe being in the beginning stages of a romance.

The two were photographed by the paparazzi holding hands during dinner but Williams is not so sure they are dating.

‘They are not boyfriend and girlfriend, even though there was a picture of them holding hands. That is what a friend does when you are going through things. He is not the one for Demi,’ she said of Levy, noting that he doesn’t seem like her type.

‘She needs a real sober companion… He comes from a family that can just buy or sell Demi Lovato over and over again. Their money's long and strong, they are up to something, the family. He has got nothing to lose by running around spending millions of dollars.’

Wendy went on to slam the man as a ‘really bad influence.’

‘He’s not a real sober coach. I wonder, based on this picture, are you actually sober? And, he has got too much money to be able to lead her down a rabbit hole of destruction.’ Yikes! Tell us how you really feel, Wendy!

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    Anonymous Nov 7, 2018 11:11 AM PST

    this the first time, she is right, I dont like agree with her. sheeesh.

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