Wendy Williams' Fans Are Upset After She Says She Wants To Remain Friends With Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams' Fans Are Upset After She Says She Wants To Remain Friends With Kevin Hunter
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Wendy Williams just said that she'd like to remain friends with her estranged hubby Kevin Hunter. Some of her fans are upset following her decision and others say that she's doing the right thing.

The Shade Room notes that wendy 'has been quite candid about her relationship with soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Hunter! Now, she opens up a little more & says she would like to remain friends. She also shuts down rumors of him continuing any business relationship with her.'

Someone said: 'Forgiveness & love are two powerful things. She needs to focus on a friendship w herself first. It’s too soon, she clearly still loves him n is hurting, that's no surprise & it's OK! But she needs to work on self-love now, heal & only then can she truly forgive. I been there Wendy. I tried to forget n called it forgiving.'

Another follower posted: 'Nah...I can't be friends with someone who disrespected me as a spouse. We can be amicable, but we will NEVER be friends.'

A person believes that 'She’s trying to remain strong but I can tell she is still hurt which is more than normal. Time heals all pain Wendy, you gon be alright my sista 🙏🏾'

Someone else said: 'Not all breakups have to end on bad terms. Forgiveness is the quickest way to healing. I'm happy for her.'

A person said that 'She's still hurt and still in love with him. Imagine giving someone 20 years of your life only for him to make a family and move in with his side chick.'

One other commenter said: 'It's awful because that's all she can do. Staying away from him would only hurt her more after all those years together. May Wendy meet the man of her dreams and move on from this sh*t, she didn't deserve it! She works too hard to be ill-treated by her own husband.'

Not too long ago, Wendy had only good things to say about Lady Gaga moving on after her breakup

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