Wendy Williams Explains Why Nicki Minaj Should Have Never Married Kenneth Petty -- Will The Femcee Answer?

Wendy Williams Explains Why Nicki Minaj Should Have Never Married Kenneth Petty -- Will The Femcee Answer?
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Taking a very interesting angle, Wendy Williams has decided to slam Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, for the headline-making arrest that took place recently.

Like many people, the TV host was left perplexed and even disappointed after Nicki chose to marry a man who is a registered sex offender.

While the man has been laying low since his high-profile marriage, trouble seems to follow him no matter where he goes.

First, he embarrassed Nicki by acting like a crazed bodyguard while at a carnival in her native Trinidad and Tobago, and most recently, he was arrested in California -- the crime? He had failed to register as a sex offender after he and his wife moved into the state.

The controversial host brought in a crime expert to dissect the arrest.

Wendy stated: "There's a bigger picture. What do we do about our kids? my reaction was not so much about Nicki [Minaj], it's about how do you keep your kids protected?"

The expert had a few important details about the matter.

He revealed: "It may vary from state to state, but when you're a convicted sex offender, you file with the state, you give them your name, address, DNA sample, and fingerprints — all of that good stuff so law enforcement can track you. Now, if you move, it's incumbent upon you to notify the new place of residence to law enforcement so they can track you too… Once you're registered to the state, the state kicks it up to the feds, and that's how he gets caught."

Wendy later asked the expert: "Is there jail time if you don't register [as a sex offender]?"

The expert stated: "Well, this is where it gets hanky here because they're looking for the background, the circumstances. Now, if Mr. Petty's crimes were anything but, he has some high dollar money, he's probably hired a high power attorney. My guess is, he's not going to do any hard time."

An insider claimed that Nicki plans to address the matter and added: "She will likely address it in some way during a future Queen Radio. But, she would rather have this not to have happened, but it is not going to be something that will alter her relationship with him negatively."

In the past, Wendy lashed out at Nicki and said: "you should've never married him, you've ruined your brand."

Nicki is her own woman.


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