Wendy Williams Drags Jessica Simpson For Letting 8-Year-Old Daughter Maxwell Read Her 'Open Book' Memoir!

Wendy Williams Drags Jessica Simpson For Letting 8-Year-Old Daughter Maxwell Read Her 'Open Book' Memoir!
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Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell, is only 8 years old and she already enjoys reading! However, the fact that the mom lets her read her memoir is something Wendy Williams is not a fan of!

The talk show host talked about this topic on her @at home version of her show and she argued that allowing an 8 year old to read something that discusses some serious, adult, topics such as alcohol abuse, is not a good idea.

As far as Wendy is concerned, the child is way too young to read her mother’s tell all titled Open Book.

This all started with the singer sharing a video of her and Maxwell in bed together, just lounging and having a chat.

At the end of the 2 minutes long clip, the young girl revealed she’d already started the second chapter of her mom’s memoir!

Jessica was really impressed at how fast of a reader her daughter was after reading a notification popping up on her phone.

That is when Maxwell proudly revealed that she was already on chapter two of her book.

Jessica was impressed once more, praising her for it by saying that her book is really hard to read.

‘You know I love Jessica Simpson, but she is letting her 8-year-old daughter read her memoir. You know, her memoir talks about all sorts of stuff, including John Mayer saying her sex is like sexual napalm. She is very open, and she discusses alcoholism, the relationship with [former husband] Nick Lachey, and her fall downs and get ups and fall downs again. Your daughter seems smarter than you.’

She went on to also say that ‘You’ve got your 8-year-old daughter reading your memoir — it isn't enough that all she has to do is click on Youtube and see you talking about everything. It is not a good idea. I understand being open with your kids but that is too much and that girl's a little too young.’


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