Wendy Williams Drags ‘Bad Husband’ Ray J During Chat - ‘You’ll Never Be Faithful’ To Princess Love!

Wendy Williams Drags ‘Bad Husband’ Ray J During Chat - ‘You’ll Never Be Faithful’ To Princess Love!
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While still trying his best to step it up in his marriage with Princess Love, Ray J got dissed by Wendy Williams! As far as the talk show host is concerned, the rapper will ‘never be faithful.’

Wendy also scolded him for making his wife ‘suffer’ and just being an overall ‘bad husband.’

Fans of the show who also watched the latest episode of the at home version of it, know already that Wendy held nothing back when she slammed her friend, Ray J.

But that is definitely not out of character for the outspoken host.

Wendy made it very clear that she was not happy at all about how the rapper has been treating the mother of his two babies.

Just last month, the model claimed that Ray was with a different woman when she was still 8 months into her pregnancy.

Ever since then, the two have been working hard on making it work and saving their marriage.

During her chat with Ray, who called from a hotel, she asked him how ‘the long-suffering Princess Love’ was doing.

‘You haven’t [been] the best husband, Ray J,’ she added.

Ray J told her that he is definitely planning on ‘doing better’ but explained that at the end of the day, their main focus are their young ones!

‘She’s doing well. She’s the best mother,’ he also said of Princess Love, adding that ‘Listen, God is good, we’ll all get better. I can do better, I can definitely do better, and I will do better. I’m working towards making sure the kids know that we love each other and we love them more than anything.’

Wendy did not stop her criticism, however, saying that: ‘Yeah, you can convince the kids, but us as adults, who watch you — you’ve discussed your problems on TV. I don’t even like that I love you [Ray J] What is your problem?’

During their conversation, Wendy gushed over how great of a mom she is all the while dragging Ray J for proving he ‘can’t be faithful’ and more!

Check out the video above to get the full extent of what she had to say and see his reaction!


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  • NeedToKnow4What
    NeedToKnow4What May 2, 2020 5:25 PM PDT

    Ray has some underlying issue(s). Married and cheating, keeps using "the kids" as if that's supposed to make you a better person. Eventually, the kids will grow up and see what kind of husband you are to their mother and what kind of father you are to them.

  • Tracy
    Tracy May 1, 2020 3:10 PM PDT

    I love rayj....I think he's so dope

  • Sherrie Coleman
    Sherrie Coleman May 1, 2020 10:21 AM PDT

    Wendy cant say nothing about Ray J when she put up with Kevin her man infidelities for yrs she is just having a flashback. Princess knew what she was getting she thought she would change him or break him. Let's think about when the prenup was around she said she wanted I'd Ray j cheated on her money blah blah blah who would say that then her married right behind all that. RAY J has this x factor beyond the beefcake she is slaying him but he having it. My question is your sleeping with the enemy what does it take for you? She is murdering your career and image the babies are beautiful but dont let a woman use them to destroy you lawyer up on her and be done get your parenting time and do you from there. Be the best dad you can period but make it a dead issue with her she only stays revelant behind the Norwood name. We didnt know her until you. Her mouth is smart she is beautiful but she nasty in attitude.

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