Wendy Williams Divorce Drama Is Taking A Toll On Her

Wendy Williams Divorce Drama Is Taking A Toll On Her
Credit: Source: People

Wendy Williams makes the single life look so good. Between her new apartments with her cats and vivacious nightlife with A-list celebs, the talk show hosts divorce drama is  taking a toll on her behind-the-scenes.

When she wed Kevin Hunter Sr. in 1997, she probably would have never imagined that she would be banking as much money as she does today which makes it understandable that she didn't have a prenup in place.

After rumors swirled that Kevin was using her money to fund his mistresses' lifestyle and fathered a child with the woman, Wendy pulled the plug on their marriage and has been trying to be totally free of the father of her son since then.

Hollywood Life has the inside scoop on how complicated the process has been and how it is affecting the media queen.

'Wendy’s legal team was working on her divorce and doing their best to try to get things finalized last week but ultimately did not.'

This has been hard on the 55-year-old who has been showing up to work every day with a smile on her face once the cameras turn on.

The source added: 'She’s been very, very stressed on days she’s dealing with it. You can tell a difference between when she’s dealing with it day to day and not as she can go from great spirits and loving life to struggling at the drop of a hat. She’s so excited to get this all behind her and start the next chapter of her life.'

Meanwhile, the insider also claimed that 'bad Kevin' is not making it any easier. The soon-to-be ex-husband is furious over the fact that Williams hilariously shades him on the show and talks about her new life without him.

Hopefully, Wendy's lawyers are able to sort things out expeditiously.

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