Wendy Williams Defends Jennifer Lopez After Rihanna Suggests Super Bowl Performers Are 'Sell-Outs!'

Wendy Williams Defends Jennifer Lopez After Rihanna Suggests Super Bowl Performers Are 'Sell-Outs!'
Credit: Source: hellomagazine.com

Rihanna thinks performing at the Super Bowl Halftime show means you are a sell-out, which is why she turned that offer down! However, Wendy Williams disagrees!

The talk show host defended Jennifer Lopez and any other artist that chooses to go on that stage.

While that may just be her honest opinion, it’s safe to say Wendy is also a bit biased since she is such a big fan of J.Lo. and has been for a long time.

So, earlier today on her show, Wendy discussed Rihanna’s comments on the reason why she did not take the gig.

The singer shared this during a Vogue interview published yesterday.

She, of course, turned down to perform last year in Atlanta and explained the reason – she thought it would make her a ‘sell-out’ and an ‘enabler’ since she is a Colin Kaepernick supporter.

Rihanna said during the chat with the news outlet that ‘I could not dare do that. For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just could not be a sell-out. I could not be an enabler. There are things within that organization I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.’

After learning about her opinion, Wendy disagreed, saying that performing at the Super Bowl does not automatically label artists as ‘sell-outs.’

The host did mention that ‘she has the right to feel the way she does.’

After all, she has the luxury to turn down such a gig since she is very successful outside her music career.

‘She has enough money to feel that way… She makes good stuff outside of making music… I understand what she was saying. I don’t think this is a sell-out for people who perform at halftime,’ Wendy told her audience.


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  • Wanda
    Wanda Oct 11, 2019 8:26 AM PDT

    Riett is right!

  • Angie
    Angie Oct 10, 2019 7:39 PM PDT

    She is the same that argued against HBCUs, Wendy is a whole nother sellout herself! How can she speak on who is and isnt a sellout!

  • Dee
    Dee Oct 10, 2019 6:43 PM PDT

    As far as I'm concerned. JZ, JLo and Ciera are all sellouts. Kappa stands up for the African Americans. JZ and the others stand up for their wallets and the white man wins again. Played JZ like a fiddle.

  • Luis
    Luis Oct 10, 2019 6:31 PM PDT

    You are CRAZY! @ Unclear Clarity! Its more like it's typical of Blacks to always be mad about something. Never supporting anyone but themselves!.. But I digress since this Latino has no time to hate. Too busy loving myself. You should do the same Riett and stop blaming others for your outlook on life. So sad.

  • Toby Rivera
    Toby Rivera Oct 10, 2019 4:11 PM PDT

    Lol that's funny when people are so Jealous of others that are more successful then they are they have to start talking crap about them just like Pink and others couldn't stand the fact that JLO got picked to perform for Motown show a few months ago. She put on an amazing show by the way. Don't be haters of someone that is more successful and more talented then you are just be happy that God gave you what you have. Talk about racism...

  • Riett Clarity
    Riett Clarity Oct 10, 2019 2:20 PM PDT

    I am not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez or Pitbull...they got their start off the backs of black people and has never paid tribute to them in her now so called Fame...She copies what we do just like Madonna did. You hardly see black women in her performances. She is a leech and an opportunist with no real talent. She does not give credit where credit is due toward her profession which is typical of Latinos.. They are takers (their looks) without working and earning it like Black people in the entertainment business. I do not support her - J Lo who? Kudos to Rihanna for standing for what she believes in.. not to money hungry J. Lopez..who can never get enough!

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