Wendy Williams Dating DJ Boof? - The Truth!

Wendy Williams Dating DJ Boof? - The Truth!
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Fans have been shipping Wendy Williams with DJ Boof after they went out on several outings together! As you know, the two work together on her talk show but lately, they have been spending a lot of time together despite being on a break from work for the holidays!

Not too long ago, Wendy herself took to social media to share a pic that showed her enjoying some delicious dinner and while she did not include the man in the pic, she did ask her followers to guess who had taken her out to dinner as well as tagged him!

In reality, Wendy has been documenting her time with her co-worker and sharing it with the world for a couple of weeks so it makes sense that users are suspicious there might be something going on between them.

A couple of fans commented: ‘Awwwe boof! You two would make a great couple!’ / ‘Something definitely going on here and I like.’

There were also many other such reactions to the post, a lot of people seemingly supporting them!

But if you ship them, do not get your hopes up as one insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Wendy Williams and DJ Boof aren't dating. They are only really good friends who just like to have a good time together. She loves DJ Boof and he also loves her but it is totally platonic. Wendy gets invited to a ton of free meals and different events and DJ Boof is obviously always down for a good time so she just includes him often.’

Do you think the two would make a cute couple or not?

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