Wendy Williams Clowns Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter During Late Night With Seth Meyers Appearence

Wendy Williams Clowns Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter During Late Night With Seth Meyers Appearence
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Wendy Williams doesn't love Kevin Hunter anymore, her ex-husband. This past Tuesday, Williams appeared on the Late Night Show With Seth Meyers and touched on why she didn't enjoy filming her eponymous television show from home.

Wendy, 56, told Seth that she didn't know how big his home was, but hers isn't big enough to film a television series. Wendy noted how it wasn't her fault either, appearing to insinuate that it had to do with her divorce.

Williams claims she lives in an apartment and it was "very personal" for people to see her living area. She claims that people criticized the way she went about it and they weren't able to understand her "groove." In case you missed it, Wendy and her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, put their house up for sale back in August of last year.

Around that time, she and Kevin were headed for divorce after it was revealed he had fathered a child with another woman behind Williams' back. In January of this year, Kevin and Wendy finished the final stages of their divorce, and their house sold in August 2020.

Wendy and Kevin had to drop the price of their home a number of times over the course of the year following one year on the market. While Wendy appeared a bit bothered by her move to a New York City apartment, the host admitted she enjoyed spying on her neighbors.

Williams claimed the shower "is right there at the window," and she likes to watch. The television show host joked that she's a peeping tom. Fans of the Wendy Williams Show star know she's currently getting ready to start a new season.

She was also in the headlines earlier this year for an Instagram post in which she wished her son a happy birthday on his 20th. Page Six noted how many of her fans and followers noticed the keepsakes she had kept from when he was a child.

One person joked why she was holding on to the "voodoo witchcraft," in reference to some hair.

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