Wendy Williams' Cat Reveals Her 'Mom's Plans For This Weekend - Read The Funny Message

Wendy Williams' Cat Reveals Her 'Mom's Plans For This Weekend - Read The Funny Message
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Wendy Williams shared a photo on her social media account featuring a cat on a bag and, judging by the caption of the photo, it's Wendy's kitty. The funny thing is that Wendy captioned the photo as if the cat were talking. Just check out the funny caption below.

The cat also seems to have blue nail polish on her little claws, according to some fans, but it appears that the kitty actually has claw caps on.

This is an alternative to cutting the cat's claws in order to prevent scratching everything in your home.

It also seems that the cat's name is Myway !

'“Hi everybody, it’s me Myway! Mom's bags are always ready cause it's the holidays. Me & Chitchat like it best when she's here, but we understand. We heard her talkin on the phone about somebody named Puffy & his 50th birthday party this weekend. Mom said to tell him happy birthday, but she can't go. We love that she's gonna be home with US❤”' SWendy captioned the post.

Someone asked: 'How you doin' Myway? I don't know who is more gorgeous. You or your sister? Ok, so both of you are equally beautiful! No comparisons. Tell your Mom I asked her "How are you doing?" 😄👍🏽🌷'

A shocked follower said: 'Did you paint your cat's nails Wendy???? How are you doing?? I'm loving the new animal lover free-spirited life your living xo.'

One other fan wrote: 'Does anyway have on blue nail polish??😍' to which another commenter answered that these are claw caps for cats.

One other Instagrammer had another idea for Wendy: 'I Think She should Go To the Party it’s PDiddy And it’s Gonna Be Lit 🔥 Wendy Go To That Party 🎉 And NJOY Yourself ♥️'

Wendy was recently in the spotlight when she defended Kourtney Kardashian after her sisters accused her of sharing too little of her personal life on KUWK.

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